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A Day in The Life of an Urbo Warden

Since our launch in Waltham Forest, our Urbo Wardens have been working around the clock to ensure our bikes are rebalanced to give residents optimal use of the service. However our Urbo wardens do far more than just rebalance bikes. I decided to get out from behind the desk for a day and hit the street with one of the team. If I went into detail on every task they carry out on a given day, I would be writing a novel rather than a blog post. So instead I’ve broken their key tasks down into five areas…

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Bike Checks: The Urbo Wardens are assisted with real time analytics and carry out a 9-point check on every bike. This is essential to ensuring bikes are both safe for use, and optimised for performance.

General Patrolling: Daily patrols of dockless bike locations in Waltham Forest to ensure that bikes are parked according to council rules. Once again, our wardens have a digital map to ensure every location is checked on a regular basis.

Urbo Ambassadors: The street wardens assume an ambassadorial role, educating potential users, who show interest, on how to download the apps and start using bikes.

Maintenance: When a bike is reported as having an issue, our wardens are required to cycle to the bike and check it. They then report to central control with a description of faults, before the bike is brought to a local bike shop to be repaired. Working in partnership with local bike shops and the local community is key to Urbo’s vision.

Reporting: They report bikes as checked and re-positioned/re-deployed along with Bike IDs and other details to the central control centre. The central control system encompasses every facet of Urbo’s operations. This centralised dashboard ensures no details are missed and everything is monitored.

It’s tough to do our Urbo Wardens justice in such a short piece, but what I can say is that these men and woman, all hired locally on the London Living Wage, work extremely smartly using data and are fantastic ambassadors for Urbo.

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