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Fallen Angels Names List


From Lucifier to Azazel, fallen angels are those who have lost God’s grace and cannot return to Heaven. These dark angels are looked down upon by the angels of Heaven and are referred to as outcasts. These dark angels are often referred to as demons but technically they are not. Demons are often defined as spirits of a lower order, beings that are usually evil, but can also be benign natured. Angels on the other hand are heavenly beings, celestial messengers. Angels are often associated with the OT (such as Gabriel announcing Jesus’ birth to Mary) but have many other jobs such as being guides, spirit teachers and even forces of nature.

Fallen angels names list  is a collection of male and female dark angels, their ranks, descriptions and abilities. These fallen angels have been gathered from different religions, mythologies and folklore. These fallen angels are also known as dark angels and demons.

The Rebel Host: Exploring the Names and Stories of Fallen Angels in Mythology

Some of the most famous fallen angels are Satan (or Lucifer), who is considered to be one of the most powerful fallen angels and the devil. Other demons include Asmodeus, the angel of lust and temptation. Lilith, the female fallen angel of seduction and temptation.

Other fallen angels include Procel, who can tell secrets and hidden things. He is sometimes depicted as a man with a head atop a bear. Other fallen angels include Behemoth, a dragon and the demon of pride and heresy. Then there is Leviathan, a serpentine and dragon-like beast that is the leader of hell’s 85 demon legions.

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