Joining Urbo

How do I join Urbo?

Download the app on your mobile from your App Store or from one of the links below. Register. Locate a bike either on the app’s map or by seeing one in person. Follow the app’s instructions and you’re on your bike!


What do I receive when I become an Urbo member?

When you become a member, you will receive five free rides (€2.50/£2.50) and access to use the bikes for just €0.50/£0.50 per 30 minutes. Charges start once the bike has been unlocked. The timer will reset each time the bike has been locked. Simple!

How much is it to become an Urbo member?

We are offering a yearly membership for just €1/£1, for a limited time only.

When you first join we credit your account €2.50/£2.50 so you can enjoy your first 5 rides for free!

Unlocking the bike

How do I unlock a bike?

To unlock a bike, scan the QR code situated on the lock on the back wheel. You must have your phone’s bluetooth switched on and wifi switched off to unlock the bike. If you are an android user, your location setting should be turned on.

The bike won't unlock, what should I do?

Unfortunately, at times the network connection in North London weakens, which impacts loT devices, including bikes. We’re partnered with Vodafone and we are working with them to get the signal improved as soon as possible.


To ensure the Urbo lock opens for you, you should:

– Ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. If this is on, the network connection issue in the area will not affect the lock opening.
– Ensure you are no longer connected to WiFi from your office or home.
– If you’re an Android user, your location settings must be enabled.
– If this doesn’t work, then please restart the app.


Please be advised that unlocking can take up to two minutes, so please ensure you wait this length of time before walking away from a bike.  If you hear the lock mechanism trying to open, try wiggling the lock upwards. Sometimes the lock can get jammed in the spokes of the wheel.


If the problem persists please contact our Customer Service team on 020 38704101 or email us at

Parking and locking

Do I have to use the parking hubs?

No, however you will be awarded credits for parking there! If you can’t find a parking hub near your destination, simply park and lock the bike at a bike stand or wherever the bike is not obstructing the traffic flow of pedestrians or vehicles.

Will I be penalised for not using the parking hubs?

No, you will not be penalised regarding parking hubs as long as the bike is locked inside the geo-fenced area.

Where should I park the bike after I’m done?

Users are encouraged to park at designated virtual parking stations. You can locate these stations via the app or you can identify these by painted markings on the pathway.


In the event that a designated virtual parking station is unavailable, users can park at any public bicycle rack or at any publicly accessible location that does not obstruct the traffic flow of pedestrians or vehicles.


Users should never be parked in private bicycle parks, within a compound or inside an underground parking space. We are continually working with local governments to improve parking facilities so our users can find an available parking station at any time of the day. To provide a good riding experience we hope all our users will park in visible locations at all times. Users who continually park in illegal locations will have their account removed and will no longer be able to access Urbo bikes.

What happens if my trip does not end after I lock the bike?

Don’t worry! A thing called ‘network latency’ may cause this issue. Please wait for 60 seconds and check if the issue has been rectified. If the trip still doesn’t end after 60 seconds, please contact customer service through the app or email us at and we’ll get this sorted for you.

How do I finish my trip?

To finish your trip you need to manually lock the bike. The lock lever is located on the lock at the back of the bike, pull this lever down until it clicks. Then pay for your ride on the app.

Topping up and payment

How do I top up my wallet?

To top up, simply go to the user centre in the top left corner of the app, click on wallet and then on top up. Easy!

Can I withdraw money from my wallet to my bank account?

The money in your wallet can only be used to pay for rides. You cannot withdraw the money to your bank account. This keeps costs down, meaning we can offer our service to you at a price that suits everyone.

What happens if my fare exceeds my wallet balance?

Don’t worry! You will be able to top up your wallet at the end of your ride to cover your fare.


What is a geo-fence?

A geo-fence is the highlighted area on the app. Geo-fences mark the areas where you’re allowed to park and lock the bike. These are the areas that we’ve agreed to launch our bikes in with local councils. They will be expanded over time. 

Can I go outside the geo-fence and come back?

Yes, you can! Just make sure to park and lock the bike inside of the geo-fence. Our policy is the bikes cannot be left unattended outside of the geo-fence, locked or otherwise. We feel this is the best way to adhere to council guidelines by not leaving bikes in an area that they have not permitted. However you can park in a different geo-fenced area to where you started, for example you can ride a bike from Waltham Forest and lock it in Enfield!

Mobile app

I can't locate a bike that's on the map, what do I do?

If you can’t find a bike that is on the map it could possibly be due to poor signal in your area. Look around, maybe the bike is around the corner!


If the bike is showing on the map but is nowhere around it could be in someone’s home/ private property (which is against the rules). In this case, please contact our Customer Service team on 020 38704101 or email us at with the location and we will try our best to resolve the issue. We might even sort you out with free rides!

How do I report a faulty bike?


On the app homepage, click the icon on the bottom right of the screen. Please give us some details by scanning or entering the bike ID, choosing fault type, and taking a photo of the bike with its surroundings. Then press submit.

Bike Safety

Your safety is important to us! Here's a few easy to follow safety tips:
  • Please stay back from heavy vehicles
  • Do not cycle on pavements
  • Always stop at red lights
  • Stay away from parked cars
  • Wear a helmet
  • Stay central on narrow roads and use hand signals for safe turning

Why dockless bikes?

How does it work?

Unlike many bike sharing platforms, there are no docking stations, leaving the user the freedom to start and end their journey where they wish.



When the user finishes their journey, they simply click the lock back into place and park the bike on its side-stand, with no need to lock it to a railing.



When the user finishes their journey, they loop the orange cable around an available bike stand and through the lock, then click the lock back into place.


The user’s online wallet is automatically charged. Using our technology, areas can be ‘geo-fenced’, meaning bikes can only be used and/or parked in designated areas.

Why are there no stations/docks?

The Urbo bike sharing solution was developed so that docks aren’t needed. This removes many docked bike problems, namely:

  • Being unable to return a bike because all of the docks are already in use
  • Going to bike docks and finding no bikes available
  • Having to walk too far to find docks
  • Docks taking up space from city infrastructure


Meanwhile, check out these dockless advantages:

  • Finding bikes closest to you
  • Parking where convenient for you
  • Knowing where bikes are ready and waiting for you
  • A less costly system and we share lower costs with you through our low fares!
  • Greater area serviced

More questions

Am I old enough to use Urbo bikes?

You must be 16 years old to use our bikes or services. If you have provided Urbo with personal information but are not at least 16 years old, please send us an email at so we may delete this data.

What do dockless bikes mean for cities?

Transport is cited as a crucial element in improving any city or town. By connecting infrastructure, we will drive efficiencies in cities across the globe. Dockless bike sharing is at the fulcrum of smart mobility, benefiting its users, commerce and the environment. It will extend the range of existing transit systems, whilst increasing the viability of other modes. It will improve the liveability, accessibility and competitiveness of cities.

Who are Urbo?

We are an Irish company, with a fusion of expertise in technology and bikes. Our Headquarters is based in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in London, U.K. We open a base in every city we operate, hiring local talent. Our team and partners have deep roots in the bicycle and technology industry, along with extensive experience in the area of urban planning. Urbo’s team has worked alongside councils and advocacy groups throughout Europe. We are the first dockless only bike sharing company in the world to be a member of the European Cyclists’ Federation platform for bike sharing. We are also the first dockless bike sharing company in the world to be accredited by U.K. organisation BikePlus.


The Urbo team is driven by the conviction that the best way to promote sustainable and integrated local transit is to offer the most advanced technology and an extremely user-friendly experience.

What is Urbo's vision and mission?

Urbo offers a dockless bike sharing service to fulfill the needs of people’s short distance travel. With our experience and know-how, we support cities in planning and implementing bike sharing systems into their community.


Our Vision:

To enable city populations to enjoy the freedom of everyday cycling, reducing congestion in our cities and continually innovating to improve the quality of city life.


Our Mission for our cities and towns:

To provide a safe and an affordable means of shared transportation for convenient, short, urban trips while reducing congestion, and our city’s carbon footprint.


Our Mission for our bikers:

To provide a plentiful supply of safe, light, comfortable and user-friendly bicycles at low cost and at multiple, convenient and easily accessible city locations.

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