My UrboBlog Should You Buy a Canvas Or Paper Print?

Should You Buy a Canvas Or Paper Print?


When making a decision about canvas paper print, it’s not just a question of initial investment cost vs. lifetime display costs—it’s also about how long a print is likely to last without losing its beauty, whether it will be prone to fading or easily damaged.

Can we use water on canvas?

Canvas prints are more durable than paper and poster prints, making them a wise choice for high-quality images that are likely to be handled and hung on the wall for years or even decades. Paper, on the other hand, can be subject to rips, tears and creases from handling and environmental factors like humidity that can lead to the loss of color intensity over time.

A canvas print can be used to support a variety of interior design styles. From modern to coastal chic, the possibilities are nearly endless. And because they’re lightweight and free of glass, they are easy to move around and hang where you want them.

While most paper print types will work well with most images, canvas looks particularly good with close-ups, portraits and nature photography. One downside of canvas printing is that it’s typically more expensive than standard photo prints. But it’s usually worth the extra cost for a print that will be a beautiful and enduring work of art.

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