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Tree Services Fort Wayne


tree services fort wayne fort wayne provides residential and commercial yard care that includes pruning, trimming, removing branches, mulching and other landscaping tasks. They also perform cable bracing, lot clearing and emergency services such as storm damage cleanups. Some may also provide fertilization and insect/disease evaluations and treatments.

Top-notch Tree Services in Fort Wayne: Expert Care for Your Trees

Trimming: Keeping trees trimmed regularly promotes their health and can prevent them from becoming a hazard during storms. In fact, many city codes require that trees be trimmed at least every two years for young ones and every three to five for older ones. Moreover, the size of the tree and its location can determine how often it should be trimmed. Whether it’s an aging tree that needs a more pronounced shape or a young tree that needs to be shaped up, the best way to determine the right time for trimming is to consult a professional.

Root Maintenance:

Located in Fort Wayne, Brandenberger Tree Care Professionals has been operating for more than 12 years. Their arborists are experienced in planting, treating, pruning, crown reduction, and stump grinding. They can also install root systems, repair damage, and provide safety inspections. They even offer waste recycling and property management options.

During the winter, many trees will shed leaves early as they’re growing too quickly or have reached their height limit. This is a good indication that it’s time for an expert tree service to trim the branches. In addition, it’s important to have dead or damaged limbs removed before they fall off during a storm.

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