My UrboBlog Understanding Road Rage in the UK

Understanding Road Rage in the UK


Understanding Road Rage in the UK

It’s a Understanding Road Rage in the UK fact that almost nine out of ten people claim to have suffered road rage at some point. Fortunately, it’s also something that can be avoided with a bit of preparation and some taming of your temper.

While road rage doesn’t appear in the Highway Code or considered a criminal offence, losing your temper behind the wheel can lead to aggressive behaviour and even assault. It’s also dangerous for you and other drivers, so it’s important to understand what causes road rage so you can recognise it when you feel it brewing in yourself.

Behind the Wheel: Decoding Road Rage Phenomenon in the UK

Sadly, there are many things that can trigger road rage, with the biggest annoyances for UK drivers including potholes (61%) followed by speed bumps and long-duration traffic lights. Interestingly, men are more likely to get angry at other drivers than women, with 26% of male respondents reacting to bad driving by swearing while 35% of men were driven to rage when another driver hopped a queue.

But despite the many factors that can lead to anger and aggression while on the roads, it is possible for most people to manage their anger through therapy. With this, most survivors of road rage can recover from the incident and live longer lives. So, if you’re feeling tense behind the wheel, take a deep breath and try some of RoSPA’s top tips to keep your cool while driving.

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