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The Urbo Guide to Winter Cycling

Winter has arrived, there’s no denying it! It’s absolutely freezing and it’s going to be for a while. So instead of shying back to the warmth of a car or bus, we’ve decided to put together a guide on how to safely tackle the elements until the season has passed.

Dress Appropriately: This may seem blatantly obvious but it’s worth repeating. Ensure you are dressed in warm, waterproof clothing. The trick here is not to dress too warm! It may seem like a good idea to wrap up in multiple layers before you leave the house, but once you get pedaling you’ll quickly heat up – nobody wants to arrive at the office too clammy. Don’t forget to wear something reflective to ensure you can be seen at all times.

Prioritise the Extremities: You can wear as many coats as you like, but if you don’t look after certain body parts, the cold will soon get through. Make sure you cover the top of your head and also wrap up your neck and hands. Don’t forget to add a spare pair of socks for good measure!

If you read any cycling guide the most important thing they’ll mention is a quality bike that’s safe in tough weather. This is where Urbo’s industry leading bike has got you covered. Here’s some of the features that will get you from A to B safely…

Lights: The Urbo bike lights are powered by the bike itself. Meaning as soon as you pedal, they’ll start to shine. With both morning and evening commutes being dark, lights are essential.

Our Tyres: Our tyres our designed to give you grip and security all year round. With the arrival of winter comes increased wind and potential snowfall. As a result, there’s far more debris on the ground. The Urbo bike is fitted with puncture proof tyres, which not only give you security and peace of mind, but also mean you can get to your destination without having to deal with a flat tyre.

The Bike Frame: Our bike is built to last and function in all elements. Meaning it’s the safest dockless bike on the market. You’ll feel safe and secure at all times whilst using an Urbo.

Mudguards: With the elements already being a hindrance, the last thing you need is sludge and muck splashing up and destroying your work attire of choice. Our comprehensive mudguards not only stop sludge splashing up, but also prevent your feet from getting saturated.

Winter cycling conditions can be challenging, so ensure you’re safe at all times. If you have any further suggestions for winter cycling safety please feel free to drop us a line at

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