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Urbo signs agreement with Redbridge to connect three London boroughs, as expansion plan gathers speed

London, February 20th 2018 – Urbo, the urban mobility solutions business, today announced a new partnership with the London Borough of Redbridge, which will see the roll out of 125 Urbo dockless bikes throughout the London Borough in March 2018.

Urbo’s collaboration with Redbridge Council, which supports comprehensive smarter travel and training initiatives which aim to increase the number of cyclists in the borough, demonstrates the company’s commitment to contribute to public health initiatives.

The agreement is the first of its kind, with two providers selected to serve a single borough through a competitive process. The agreement with Redbridge Council will see Urbo services split equally with Ofo, with the number of bikes from each service set to rise in parallel as the schemes increase in popularity.

Tom McGovern, co-founder of Urbo, said: “We are hugely excited to announce our fourth bike sharing agreement in less than six months. Our first was in neighbouring borough Waltham Forest, and this demonstrates a massive step towards achieving seamless, affordable and healthy transport public transport across the city.”

Cllr John Howard, Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, said: “The new dockless bike scheme is an accessible and affordable way to get people more active and reduce air pollution in the borough. The partnership with ofo and Urbo is a really exciting opportunity to make the borough greener, providing an option for sustainable travel. I can’t wait to start using them!”

How Urbo’s dockless bike sharing platform works:
Labelled as ‘Uber for bikes’, dockless bike sharing works by users opening an app on their smart phone and selecting a bike off a map, or alternatively by walking up to a bike on the street and scanning a QR code. The app then unlocks a rear wheel-lock on the bike.

Unlike existing bike-sharing platforms, there are no docking stations, leaving the user the freedom to start and end their journey where they wish. When the user finishes their journey, they simply click the lock back into place and the users’ online wallet is automatically charged.

Each bike is equipped with smart-lock technology and built-in GPS, with data ensuring optimum re-distribution of bikes. Urbo, in partnership with Government and city officials, will use collective technology and data responsibly to improve transport integration.

About Urbo:
Urbo, with offices in London and its headquarters in Dublin, plans to launch in cities throughout the U.K and Europe over the next year. Urbo has deep roots in the bicycle and technology industry. The company founders include Shane Connaughton, an engineer who provides bicycles to world-supermarket leaders such as WallMart; Iain Cameron is behind one of the world’s most successful bike-to-work schemes, with a client base that includes Google, Twitter and Microsoft; and brothers Brian and Tom McGovern, founders of Ireland’s largest private secondary school.

Urbo is the first dockless only bike sharing company in the world to be a member of the Platform for European Bicycle Sharing & Systems (PEBSS) and the first dockless bike sharing company to be accredited by Bike Plus U.K.. For more information please visit

Urbo is currently the exclusive dockless bike sharing operator in Ipswich and has agreements in the London Boroughs of Waltham Forest and Enfield.

For further information or an interview, please contact:
Tom McGovern, Urbo, +44 7554 184377 or
Henry Adams, FleishmanHillard, +44 7725 192067 or

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