Urbo’s Tips on Safe Cycling

Cycling is popular for many reasons – it’s cost effective, healthy and green but it can also be dangerous if you don’t take the proper measures to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the roads. Here at Urbo, our users safety is paramount so we we’ve put together a couple of easy to follow safety tips!

On The Road

The Rules of the Road apply to all road users so you should familiarise yourself with them, especially the section dedicated to cycling. Some of the key rules may seem obvious, but are often forgotten. For example – obey traffic lights. Respect other road users, stop at pedestrian crossings and don’t cycle on the footpath. Be wary for drivers turning left, and watch out for drivers closer than 1.5metres. Always look behind and give the proper signal before moving off, changing lanes or making a turn. You must be alert to what’s happening around you which is why wearing headphones while cycling is not advised.


To ensure you are visible to others always wear luminous clothing such as hi-vis vests, reflective belts and fluorescent armbands. Cyclists are required to have lights on the front and rear of their bikes – white at the front and red at the back. Urbo bikes are fitted with Spanninga Dynamo lights, front and rear to help keep our users visible to motorists.

cycling dockless bike

It’s very important that bikes are serviced regularly, which is why we partner with local bike shops and have Urbo wardens who take care of all our bike’s maintenance. Our partners are chosen based on their stellar track record in servicing the cycling community, and keeping them safe.

Cycling can be just as safe as driving when everyone follows the law and uses plenty of common sense. Happy cycling!

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