Dockless Bike Share

How Dockless Bike Sharing With Urbo Will Change Your Commute

How Urbo’s Dockless Biking Solution Will Revolutionise both Your Commute and Your Weekend City Cycle

Getting off a bus and still having to walk for 20 mins to get to work? Cycling to your destination and finding out your bike share docking station is full? Late for a meeting and there are no bikes available? Looking to take a weekend cycle, but you don’t own a bike?

Does any of this sound familiar? Well, Urbo’s got your back!

Using the latest technology, locating a bike is only a click away. Here are our 5 simple steps to revolutionising your commute:

Dockless bike share

1. Download and register the MyUrbo app on your iPhone or Android.

2. Search for a bike in your area, select and receive a 4-digit code to unlock your bike, or if you spot a free bike, just walk up and scan the QR code.

3. Enjoy the ride on our industry leading ergonomic bike.

4. Once your journey is finished, just park the bike in a safe area and click the lock into place.

5. Use the time you’ve saved for whatever you want!


It’s as simple as that, all payments and usage are tracked through your MyUrbo app. So, you can kiss goodbye to stressful commutes or hassled weekend cycles.

Welcome to Urbo…

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