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Diesel Tuning on the Sunshine Coast


diesel tuning sunshine coast

Many diesel owners have found that their new vehicle doesn’t deliver the power and torque performance they hoped for when it was bought. This is because manufacturers are highly conservative with engine outputs. Thankfully, advances in performance tuning technologies allow professional diesel tuners to alter your engine’s behaviour, boosting its power and torque without compromising reliability, safety or fuel economy.

ECU remapping is one of the most diesel-tuning sunshine coast diesel performance upgrades. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to unlock your car’s full potential and can result in significant increases in power and torque, improved fuel economy and better overall vehicle performance.

However, not all diesel engine remapping providers are created equal. At Power Curve Performance, we use specialised software and processes to get the best results from your diesel car, truck or 4WD. We are also certified Steinbauer dealers, which means you can trust that the Steinbauer performance modules we use are high quality and proven products.

Optimizing Diesel Performance: Your Guide to Diesel Tuning on the Sunshine Coast

The spring season is upon us, which means it’s time to break out the drag trucks and head south for the first round of Diesel Thunder. This year, there are a number of new trucks to see in action, including Ryan Milliken’s ’66 Nova with a 6.8L common-rail Cummins.

This rat rod’s got the goods to run in the Lights Out 8 class, but can it hang with the big boys? To find out, they headed to Diesel Care in Toowoomba, who put Dolly on the dyno to measure things like kilowatts and tonne of power.

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