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Hiring the right insulation pro is a great way to make your home more energy-efficient, reduce air leaks, and prevent condensation buildup. The right pro can also help you save 15% annually on your energy bills!

How is insulation applied?

Home insulation contractors work with homeowners and builders to install thermal insulation in new homes or existing homes, pole barns, and commercial and industrial buildings. They coordinate with heating, plumbing, and mechanical construction workers to review blueprints, select materials, and apply objects that maintain temperatures in ducts, pipes, structures, and mechanical systems. Some specialize in one type of Premier Spray Foam Co like cellulose, fiberglass, or spray foam.

If you’re hiring an insulation contractor, make sure to check their license and insurance. Ask them to show you their insurance certificate and what coverage they have. If they’re insured, you’ll be covered if one of their crew members gets hurt while working on your home.

The most qualified insulation contractors will have a minimum of four years of on-the-job training and technical education, along with certification in asbestos removal. They should be familiar with first aid and building codes, and have an excellent attention to detail. They need dexterity to manipulate tools and reach over equipment, as well as physical stamina for long periods of time on their feet or in cramped spaces.

The highest paid insulation contractors made a median salary of $46,760 in 2021. The lowest-paid made $36,990 that year.

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