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No Cure No Pay Direct Debit


No Cure No Pay direct debit

incasso No Cure No Pay direct debit allows you to make regular payments automatically, without the hassle of paying by cheque. Each payment is taken directly from your bank account and the balance on your invoice is reduced accordingly. No more late payments or missed deadlines.

The tension between drug manufacturers and health authorities over drug marketing has intensified in recent decades. The authorities want rational pharmacotherapy and the drug companies need to sell their drugs in large volumes at low prices.

Demystifying No Cure, No Pay Direct Debit: What You Need to Know

The no cure no pay strategy could be a way to bridge this gap. Providing that the conditions are met (such as the right product is promoted and that there is sufficient evidence of effectiveness), this would meet the needs of the authorities and drug companies and in the end the patients. It should however be carefully debated and accompanied by practical and ethical guidelines. ISU recommends the use of Lloyd’s Standard Form of Salvage Contract, standardised in 1908. This is referred to as LOF 2011. The LOF is published by the International Shipping Union (ISU). You can find it on ISU’s website.

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