My UrboBlog Online Waxing Certification – A Must-Have For Estheticians

Online Waxing Certification – A Must-Have For Estheticians


Online waxing certification is a valuable tool for estheticians seeking to expand their services. Whether they work in a spa, medical setting or lash bar, the right skills are necessary to grow their business and provide clients with quality, safe results. There are a variety of classes to consider including eyelash growth and brow courses, nail technology and hair removal, but one of the most popular is body waxing. This course exposes learners to new knowledge and competencies so they are familiar with essential procedures, popular styles, and what types of wax to use for optimal outcomes.

What are professional waxers called?

During the consultation phase of a service, it’s important that the therapist ask the client questions about their health history, and what type of waxing treatment they prefer. This helps them to identify any contraindications that may cause harm or pain and ensures the waxing process is carried out in a way that is best for the customer.

Another area of the body that requires special care is the chest region. During the adolescent years and into adulthood, fine chest hair can transform into dense terminal hair. Many people choose to remove this hair for a smoother, sleeker appearance and to avoid the discomfort that comes with shaving a large area of the body.

Customers are encouraged to moisturize the areas of the body that will be waxed prior to their appointment. This allows the skin to soften, which enhances the experience and improves the results. Additionally, they are advised to avoid caffeine and alcohol as these can make the skin more sensitive.

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