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Secondary Window Glazing


Secondary Window Glazing

We can provide a custom Secondary Window Glazing that enhances thermal and acoustic performance. We have years of experience in this area and can offer a range of solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Our existing windows are not great insulators, and even with double glazing they can allow warm air to escape and cold air to enter. Secondary glazing provides a second layer of glass that reduces this by trapping an insulating mass of air between the two panes. This will help to reduce energy bills, particularly during winter, and can also improve comfort and prevent draughts.

Secondary Window Glazing: The Key to a Quieter, More Energy-Efficient Home

The gap between the primary window and the secondary glazing is filled with an insulating material, which in our case is acrylic plastic (also known as Perspex or Plexiglas). This is a much more cost effective and lighter alternative to traditional glass. It is also ten times stronger than glass and provides good levels of sound insulation.

We can supply a variety of secondary glazing systems depending on the type and style of your existing windows. These range from DIY kits that are easy to install, to more permanent solutions using either timber, aluminium or UPVC frames. The type of system we recommend will depend on your window type and the complexity of the installation.

Our secondary glazing is also available with a special laminated glass that has been specially designed to help reduce outside noise levels. This is especially useful if you live near busy roads or other noisy areas. It can dramatically reduce this noise, making your home much more peaceful and relaxing.

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