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Sustainable Travel in Iceland


Sustainable Travel in Iceland

As a popular destination for tourists, the natural beauty of Iceland is in danger of being over-exploited. The local people are working intensively to protect their scenic landscapes from trampling, and to manage the number of visitors.Read more :

One simple way you can help is to take the Visit Iceland Leave No Trace pledge before your trip. The pledge means that you promise to leave places as you found them and not damage the environment or heritage sites. Another easy way to make an impact is by visiting tourist hotspots like Dettifoss waterfall in Vatnajokull National Park on a day when the crowds are less, so you can experience them without damaging the delicate ecosystem that supports it.

Leave No Trace: Minimizing Environmental Impact on Your Iceland Journey

Another great idea is to support local communities by staying in accommodation and joining experiences run by locals. This gives you a deeper connection to Iceland’s culture and traditions, and also ensures that the money you spend stays with the community (rather than being shipped offshore). Try visiting a woollen workshop where you can learn how to knit in traditional style, or a farm stay, for example.

Choosing eco-friendly transport methods is also essential to minimise your environmental footprint while you are in Iceland. For example, many travellers hire cars to get around – but a hybrid or electric car reduces your carbon emissions, especially if you do a lot of driving. Alternatively, joining a guided group tour with bus transportation is an excellent option as it spreads the load amongst many travellers.

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